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My story

When I started my own business, I spent ages looking for the right web design agency.  Most felt unapproachable, expensive and confusing.  

My first web designer created a decent e-commerce website but after a year my business had outgrown it. He hadn’t built it in a way to allow for further development or SEO. Then to make things worse he sold my idea, website and data to a competitor.  

The same thing happened with the second designer who redeveloped my website, which was eye-wateringly expensive. And despite paying an agency a lot of money to improve my organic search results (SEO), my search rankings actually dropped that year.  

Following these challenging experiences, I decided to learn web design, development and SEO myself. My ambition is to help women realise their business ideas so they can lead fulfilled, balanced lives while avoiding the challenges I faced along the way. 

Step by step process

My workflow

I follow a 4 step process for each of my web design projects. This makes it easy to establish a timeline with key deliverables and helps to manage expectations. 

Recurring questions I get


More questions? Just ask.

Yes. The page builder I use is very intuitive and user-friendly. You can easily edit text, images and content yourself.

Absolutely. You will be the sole owner and have  full admin rights and control of your website. You can easily revoke my access should you wish to do so. 

Most of my projects take about a month to complete. It depends on the size of the projects and how quickly I can get my work approved through the different stages. 

Projects start from CHF 1500. The cost depends on the project size, complexity and level of customisation.

Pixi Care is the monthly fee for the software license and security plugins. For CHF 15.-/month I also keep your website up to date and make sure it is fully secured and backed up. 

Yes, I hand over each site fully optimsed for on-page SEO and I will offer you free advice on your off-page SEO strategy.  This is a long term marketing strategy which benefits large parts of your business – not just your ranking. A word of caution however. Depending on your niche it can be very difficult to rank for a specific keyword and success cannot be guaranteed – regardless of what some SEO agencies would like you to believe. 

Yes, I have 11 years experiene in running Google Ads Campaigns. It’s a great tool to quickly maximise your site’s exposure to the people you’d most like to reach. I am happy to discuss your needs and to help you develop an SEM strategy.

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